Suggested hikes

 1 Gamlevegen 6,8 km |2 t |UTM 32 V 408889 6829413

Start from Josteal church. Follow the old road across the Styggegjølet ravine. The stonework of the old road structure is still clearly visible, giving the trip an air of history about it. Elevation gain: 70 m.

 2 Dalen 2,3 km |2 t|UTM 32 V 409230 682502

Start in Fossøy.  From the top there are great views of the village. Elevation gain: 120 m.

 3 GJERDE 6 km|2 t|UTM 32 V 408681 6836563

Start from Breheimsenteret and explore Jostedalen on foot! This route takes you and your family between Gjerde and the Breheimsenteret visitors’ centre. Elevation gain: 50 m.

 4 Nigardsbreen 10 km|3 t|UTM 32 V 408681 6836563

Start from Breheimsenteret for this great trip through Nigardsbreen nature reserve and right up to the glacier front of Nigardsbreen. Elevation gain: 20 m.

 5 Bergsetbreen 7 km|3 t|UTM 32 V 403036 6835906

Start from Bergset. Trip suitable for families with children. The glittering Bergsetbreen glacier awaits you at the end of the beautiful Bergsetdalen valley. Elevation gain: 60 m.

 6 Røykjedalen 4 km|3 t|UTM 32 V 405428 6834880

Start from Snøtun. Great trip to a mountain farm. Once you reach the farm you can enjoy your packed lunch while watching the grazing sheep. Elevation gain: 460 m.

 7 Bakkedalen 4 km|3 t|UTM 32 V 408635 6830763

Start from Bakken. Clearly marked footpath to the mountain farm in Bakkedalen. From there you can enjoy the views or continue to Lake Bakkedalsvatnet for a swim. Elevation gain: 460 m.  

 8 Holmevatnet 4 km| 2 t|UTM 32 V 414525 6838559

Start from Fagredalen The trip starts above the tree line and continues across the highlands all the way to the top. The lake is a well known fishing lake, so do remember to purchase a fishing licence. Elevation gain: 240 m. 

 9 Myrhyrna 5,6 km|3 t|UTM 32 V 412740 6829932

Start from Vanndalsvatnet. The most distinctive mountain in Jostedalen has become a landmark for both locals and visiting artists. From its peak you can see both the Jotunheimen mountain range and the Jostedalsbreen glacier. An airy path! Elevation gain: 440 m.

 10 Hytta på Mannen 6 km|3 t| UTM 32 V 412740 6829932

Start from Vanndalsvatnet. The cabin on Mount Mannen boasts spectacular views towards both the Jostedalsbreen glacier and the Jotunheimen mountain range. Enjoy your packed lunch in the cabin, sheltered from the weather and wind. Elevation gain: 460 m.

 11 Haugafjellstølen 5 km|4 t|UTM 32 V 407466 6834372

Start from Gjerde or Haugen. South-facing, sunny and partly steep trek. With its great views, Haugafjellstølen is one of the most popular destinations in Jostedalen. It is possible to continue to Haugsvarden. Elevation gain: 480 m.

 12 Liastølen 3,9 km|2 t|UTM 32 V 408779 6827560

Start from Gardshaugen. Great trip to an old mountain farm through a scenic cultural landscape. Sheep and cows continue to graze at Liastølen to this day. Elevation gain: 390 m.

 13 Vassdalen 7 km|3–4 t|UTM 32 V 408779 6827560

Start from Gardshaugen. Enjoyable trip for sporty families. The slightly steep footpath takes you past beautiful meadows and mountain farms with grazing livestock. Great views and idyllic scenery with both fishing and bathing opportunities. Elevation gain: 470 m. 

14 Vangsen 6,6 km|5 t|UTM 32 V 412740 6829932

Start from Vanndalen. Mount Vangsen (1,757 m above sea level) is the most prominent peak in Jostedalen. The summit is easily accessible thanks to the high-lying access road. Elevation gain: 710 m.

Tour biking

 15 Gjerde–Bergset

Great cycle trip through the beautiful Krundalen valley. At the end of the valley you will be able to spot the Bergsetbreen glacier in the distance. You can reach the glacier by foot from the car park in Bergset.

 16 Gjerde–Nigardsbreen

Follow the tarmacked road to Breheimsenteret and continue to the car park by Lake Nigardsbrevatnet. Please note that the road gets very busy in the high season.

 17 Gjerde–Styggevatnet

This cycling trip takes in a stunning glacier landscape on the way to Lake Styggevatnet and the Austdalsbreen glacier. An elevation gain of almost 1,000 m and occasionally very steep hills make this a relatively challenging cycle ride. Remember to use lights and reflectors in the tunnel!

  • Info board at Jostedal Hotel and Breheimsenteret
  • Starting points with GPS coordinates
  • Established paths
  • Distances and time estaimates are round trip
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